Feel Like You’re Getting the Squeeze from Tightening Space in Your Seattle Bathroom?

September 26th, 2012

The bathrooms in your Seattle home are feeling smaller every day and you just don’t know what to do about it. ShelfGenie of Seattle has pull out shelves and pull out drawers that will hold all your bathroom needs in the most efficient way possible. You can get organized in your Seattle home with ShelfGenie pull out solutions for your bathroom. By creating more functional space in your Seattle bathroom, ShelfGenie pull out drawers and pull out shelves improve efficiency and increase storage with no hidden or unused spaces. Pull out solutions by ShelfGenie of Seattle are custom designed to suit your needs and fit into existing closet and cabinet space. When ShelfGenie pull out shelves and pull out drawers are installed in your Seattle bathroom, you’ll regain up to 50% of the space now lost to clutter.

With ShelfGenie of Seattle pull out shelves in the linen closet, pull out drawers in the vanity, and pipe fitted under sink pull out shelves, you’ll have more space, better organization, and access to all your personal needs with the touch of a finger. ShelfGenie pull out products are made of 9 ply Baltic birch with leak resistant, warp resistant, and scratch resistant melamine coating and stainless steel and ball bearing construction. ShelfGenie professional consultants will visit with you free of charge in your home to learn how you would like to use the space in your Seattle bathrooms then we’ll design the pull out system that will work for you. Modern, attractive, and affordable ShelfGenie of Seattle pull out solutions will reduce clutter and simplify your life. At ShelfGenie of Seattle, we make it our goal to bring organization to your home. Call us today at (206) 774-0336 and let’s get started on your ideal ShelfGenie of Seattle pull out renovation.