The Best Pantry Ideas for Your Feasterville Valley Home

January 21st, 2015

Are you looking for new pantry ideas that will save you time in the kitchen and make life easier? Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to reach over things in your pantry just to find what you’re looking for? If so, then ShelfGenie® has the solutions you need to transform your pantry and [...]

Sliding Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets Gives Exton Homes Instant Access

November 21st, 2014

Have you ever been in a rush and couldn’t find something you were looking for? Being able to easily find what you need can turn the hassle of everyday life into peace and enjoyment of your home. The good news is that adding sliding shelves to your kitchen cabinets can help make life a little [...]

The Best Garage Storage Shelves For Cherry Hill Homes

October 21st, 2014

Do you have a lot stored in your garage and you wish they were organized more efficiently? Are you looking for garage storage shelves that make accessing your tools easier than ever? If so, then ShelfGenie® has the custom garage storage shelves for your Cherry Hill home that you’ve been waiting for! Time-saving sliding garage [...]

The Best Entertainment Center Storage for Exton Homes

September 25th, 2014

Do you have an entertainment center that you wish could give you easier access? Do you wish it were easier to find your DVDs or CDs? If so, then it’s time to consider installing ShelfGenie’s® pull out shelves in your existing entertainment center to make organizing your media collection easier than ever. Pull out shelves [...]

Live a Little Easier in Voorhees With Kitchen Pull out Shelves

August 25th, 2014

We all wish we could make our lives easier and be able to solve problems quickly so we can spend our time the way we really want to. However, it’s hard to find real solutions that can streamline our lives and give us the peace of mind we deserve. That’s why ShelfGenie® has worked tirelessly [...]

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves Make Cooking Fun Again in Newton

July 23rd, 2014

Enjoying a home cooked meal can be a satisfying activity that allows you to spend quality time with friends and family. However, cooking can be very time consuming and create unnecessary headaches if you have to waste time searching for things in your cabinets. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline the cooking process [...]

The Best Kitchen Shelves in Philadelphia

June 12th, 2014

Many people underestimate how important it is to have a well-organized kitchen. Being able to find what you need when you need it can reduce stress and help you gain control over your kitchen again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have kitchen shelving that adds more storage to your cabinets and simplifies your life? If [...]

Gain Additional Storage with Better Organization in your Main Line Kitchen with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Pull Out Shelves

May 30th, 2014

When you need more kitchen cabinet storage space, consider ShelfGenie of Philadelphia pull out shelves to create an easy access environment with a better way to get organized. You can be sure you won’t have to enter into costly and time-consuming renovations because the pull out transformation takes place within existing cabinet space. Gain all [...]

Upgrade the Pantry in Your Lansdale Home with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Slide Out Shelves

April 30th, 2014

Spring-cleaning includes gutting out that overcrowded kitchen pantry and finding a better way to be organized. If you want to keep that bag of potatoes off the floor, it’s time to call ShelfGenie. The experts at ShelfGenie of Philadelphia will create a customized slide out organization system to give you the added storage you need [...]

ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Roll Out Shelves will Maximize Storage Space in Your Moorestown Home

March 31st, 2014

Do you feel like there’s a bunch of stuff taking over your kitchen? Counter tops are cluttered and cooking has become stressful. ShelfGenie of Philadelphia roll out shelves can help you get that stuff under control. Roll out solutions are custom designed to fit into existing kitchen cabinets and will increase storage in your Moorestown [...]

Remodel the Kitchen Pantry in Your Exton Home with Roll Out Shelves from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia

February 25th, 2014

It’s been a winter of relentless snowstorms and if this climate change continues, you’ll need to make some changes in the way you grocery shop and store food items in your kitchen pantry. You can begin by reclaiming wasted storage space in your Exton pantry with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia roll out shelves to replace the [...]

Purchase the Best Organizing Systems Available for Your Malvern Kitchen from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia

January 22nd, 2014

Simplify the way you use the kitchen in your Malvern home with pull out solutions from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia without breaking the budget. Pull out solutions will create the storage you need by enhancing existing kitchen cabinets with removal of fixed shelves and replacement of custom designed pull out systems. The first step to an [...]

Slide Out Solutions from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Customized for Your Fort Washington Home

December 31st, 2013

At ShelfGenie of Philadelphia, we know that storage space in every home is different. That’s why we come to your Fort Washington home for a free consultation to assess the space and design customized storage that will help you on your path to getting organized. ShelfGenie of Philadelphia organizing specialists create custom slide out shelves [...]

Convert the Tired & Cluttered Kitchen Pantry in Your King of Prussia Home with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Slide Out Shelves

November 30th, 2013

Make the most of the storage space in your kitchen with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia slide out pantry shelves. Convert the existing shelves in the kitchen pantry of your King of Prussia home with easy access full extension slide out shelves. ShelfGenie of Philadelphia slide out pantry shelves will increase the storage capability providing more practical [...]

ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Kitchen Makeover for Your Main Line Home with Pull Out Solutions

October 30th, 2013

Transform your kitchen and simplify life with a ShelfGenie of Philadelphia pull out makeover that will improve storage efficiency in your Main Line home. Pull out solutions from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia will make items stored in your kitchen visible and easily accessible with the touch of a finger. Upgrade kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves by [...]

Your Bryn Mawr Home can be More Efficient when It’s Organized with ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Slide Out Solutions

September 18th, 2013

Organize your entire Bryn Mawr home with slide out solutions from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia. Slide out solutions can be installed in any closet or cabinet in the house and take the place of current fixed shelving, using every available inch of space to provide you with additional storage that is easy to access at the [...]

Gain More Storage Space with a ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Makeover for Your Langhorne Kitchen with Pull Out Solutions

August 15th, 2013

Are you in need of a kitchen makeover that will give you the added storage space you need and a better way to be organized along with easy access to everything you have in stock? You’ve come to the right place. ShelfGenie of Philadelphia professionals are expert organizing specialists who custom design and custom build [...]

Add ShelfGenie of Philadelphia Pull Out Organization to the Tool Bench in Your Fort Washington Home

July 17th, 2013

With the kids off at camp, you’ve been mulling around the garage tool bench in your Fort Washington home thinking of making something. You used to make cool things with your Dad in his workshop and created little things for the kids years ago. As you begin to look for and examine your tools, you [...]

Double the Storage, Double the Summertime Fun with Roll Out Pantry Shelves from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia

June 17th, 2013

It’s summer in Philadelphia and you like to keep the pantry of your Exton home well stocked for any friends or family who might stop by or in case your family would like to go on an unplanned picnic. When you open the door to your pantry, it looks more like a jigsaw puzzle than [...]

Custom Slide Out Shelves for your Feasterville Bathrooms from ShelfGenie of Philadelphia

May 18th, 2013

You can decrease clutter and increase storage space in the bathrooms of your Feasterville home with the addition of ShelfGenie of Philadelphia slide out drawers and shelves for the vanity, slide out shelves for the linen closet, and hidden pull out bins for laundry. Call ShelfGenie of Philadelphia and schedule your free in home consultation. [...]